Sandra a/k/a Sandy, Mona, Mo, Sandarella, Mozarelli and Mom

Resourcefulness is the hallmark of my life: if I cannot get in the front door, I will find another way. I am Suzie, Sandy, Mo, Mom, no not schizophrenic, diverse, just a woman with a lot of hats, and a lot of names which mark different chapters of my life. I am a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur and a shaker. Yes that’s right a shaker; my hands shake when I am nervous, and I worry way too much, but I always manage to move forward and accomplish new goals despite my fears: something I am most proud of. I am a blend of old world and new. The new world me is about to enter the world of blogging; the old world me is blogging on my husband’s web page! I have opinions about everything and feel an inalienable right to voice them: new world; but I always run them by other half first: old world. Men may be from Mars, women from Venus, but when the two merge it’s here on earth.