About Us

Welcome to the world of Richard and Sandra Bonfiglio — or “Dick and Mo” as we call ourselves. To describe us in a word, we are eclectic. We’ve been happily married since 1998 and together as a couple sine 1995; merged our respective children from both our prior marriages into a single family; traveled extensively, with and without the kids; have a beautiful home, from which we work, garden, do home improvements and entertain. We golf, fish, cook, enjoy music and old movies, gamble and have something to say about everything, thus our blog. As we are both unique in our own right, so we’ll each say hello with our own opening entries.

Before we do, if you’re wondering about the name of our web-site, “Piazza Pazzo,” “Crazy Public Square” in Italian — it is borrowed from a piazza of the same name from the town of Giampiliari, Sicily, where Grandpa Bonfiglio was born in 1896. As “pazzo” is an apt description of the life we live, as well as for some of the festivities we’ve sponsored in our home and back yard over the years, first we named the yard Piazza Pazzo, for which Mo’s mom and dad made a sign that is now in residence there; and, now that we’ve decided to share that same spirito per vita (spirit for life) with the rest of the world, it is now where you can fund us on the web.